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Testimonials of Prior Customers.

As an owner of several of Marty Akins abstract paintings, in my opinion, Marty has an eagle eye towards blending color and shaping acrylics on canvas. I have found his paintings unmatched. His paintings quickly catch your attention and touch your soul. Each abstract painting is uniquely bold and different. His explosive style of painting definitely creates one of a kind masterpieces. This makes his abstract art invaluable. Marty and his art work is a perfect "10" in my viewpoint.

Erich S.

    Marty Akins is an artist with many talents. I have known him for a number of years and I’ve always been impressed with his water color paintings and pencil drawings. When he ventured into painting with acrylics I quickly saw that he had an unusual ability to blend colors and use texture in a way that communicated emotional depth. It was not long before I commissioned a painting for my new condo.
    I gave Marty some examples of color schemes that I wanted expressed in the piece. I wanted themes of transition and journey to reflect my own search for deeper meaning. 
I could not be more pleased with Marty‘s work. The overall sense I get from the painting is one of movement and fluidity. By contrast, his use of certain representational objects and patterns, bold color shifts symbolize to me the struggle and frustration experienced in living in a tumultuous time. Every time I study this painting I see something new
    I am excited about the work Marty is doing and intend to commission future work. I look forward to watching his continuing evolution as an artist.

Deborah B.

As an owner of several Marty Akins paintings, I am amazed how he finds new beauty in colors, movement, and unique blending. For me, his work stirs up emotions of excitement, joy, and happy memories. Normally, I accent my rooms with art, but with Marty's masterpieces I have centered them as the thematic.

Rebecca S.

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